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Learn in a safe and fun environment with our experienced and patient instructors!

Climbing Programs

climb with upwall calendar

Upwall Climbing will be partnering with SportSG to provide you greater access to our programmes in our efforts to encourage an active lifestyle through climbing! From July-November 2021, enjoy special rates on selected programmes: Psych UP!, What’s UP? (2h), SNCS Level 1, and SNCS Level 2.

girl rock climbing auto belay
What’s UP?

1h OR 2h session

New to climbing? Always wanted to try but never had the chance to? ‘What’s UP’ is our introductory climbing class where our experienced instructors will guide you all the way UP, every step of the way!

high 5 bouldering
Psych UP!

4x 2h sessions

We bring you our basic technique class for adults! In a class of 4-8 pax., learn how to climb with the right posture, balance, and movements under the guidance of our patient instructors. We hope to bring up independent and confident climbers through this class, as well as providing a platform for you to make new climbing friends while learning together.

Time: 830-1030pm
Min. Capacity: 4 pax.
*Capacity is capped at 4 with Phase 3 (HA) measures in place.
Max. Capacity: 8 pax.
Consecutive Wednesdays OR Fridays OR Sundays

Drop us an email or DM on our socials if you are interested!

man abseiling rock wall
Rock UP!

2h session

With our Rock UP! classes, learn abseiling and prusiking basics with us. If you are SNCS L1 or L2 certified, but are in need of a little refresher, you can come down for our top rope belay or lead belay refresher classes too. Just note that you will have to present your SNCS certs for the relevant classes.

Time: 830-1030pm
Min. Capacity: 2 pax.
Max. Capacity: 6 pax.
Monday: Abseiling Basics (no requirement)
Tuesday: Top-rope Refresher (min. SNCS L1)
Wednesday: Lead Refresher (min. SNCS L2)
Thursday: Prusiking Basics (no requirement)

Drop us an email or DM on our socials if you are interested!

man rock climbing auto belay
Climb UP!

2h 1-to-1 session

Determined to improve but not sure how? ‘Climb UP!’ is our 1-to-1 private coaching class where our experienced instructors will patiently analyse your abilities and structure a program tailored to your needs and skillset!

*We highly encourage you to pre-book our classes rather than through a walk-in basis in order to secure a slot! This can be done by purchasing the class online, click on the “click to purchase class” button below.
Do note that refunds are subject to case-by-case basis, and will come with a admin fee of $10 if approved.

What’s UP? (1h) is only available on weekends and public and school holidays. Kindly proceed to our online booking site to secure a slot here:

For What’s UP? (2h), after your online purchase, we will contact you shortly via email regarding the date and time that you wish to have your class. Do note that we need a min. of 3 days in advance to the booking. If you are unsure about the booking process or anything else, feel free to drop us an email at

Youth Classes

alphabet holds rock wall
(3-5 years old)

Fun, Fun & More Fun!

The young ones will be introduced to the fun in climbing through games and activities.

kids rock climbing
(6-11 years old)


Our KidsCrushers class will teach your child the basic foundations of climbing while developing their psychomotor skills.

girl rock climbing
(12-16 years old)


Our YoungGuns class will groom and develop your child to be a climber with strength and technique.

youth rock climbing

Personal Coaching

What happens after completing the 10-sessions of Youth Class (TinyGrippers/KidCrushers/YoungGuns)? Interested in continuing classes with your instructor? You can choose to move on to our Youth Class graduate program – Youth+. Unlike the syllabus for Youth Classes, there is greater flexibility Youth+ program, and the lesson outline will be completely tailored to building up the strengths and working on the weaknesses of your child. Youth+ will be in commitments of 10-weeks as well, so you can decide if you are interested to continue with the class every 10 weeks.

*Your child must have completed 10-sessions of Youth Class to join Youth+.


belaying top-rope
SNCS Level 1

7h course

SNCS (Singapore National Climbing Standards) Sport Climbing Level 1 is a top rope certification course suitable for beginners. It introduces participants to sport climbing, and how to belay safely. After this course, participants will be able to utilise climbing safety equipment as well as basic safety knots and climbing techniques. This course is accredited by the SMF (Singapore Mountaineering Federation).

lead climbing and belaying
SNCS Level 2

2x 7h course

SNCS (Singapore National Climbing Standards) Sport Climbing Level 2 is a lead climbing certification course suitable for intermediate climbers who have already attained the SNCS Level 1 certification. It introduces participants to lead climbing and lead belaying, as well as related techniques such as topping out, relevant safety knots, arresting a fall, and correct usage of anchors, slings, and quickdraws. After this course, participants will be able to combine skills learnt in both SNCS Level 1 and Level 2 to confidently lead climb and belay. This course is accredited by the SMF (Singapore Mountaineering Federation).

*Do note that the minimum age for both courses is 13; and the min. pax. to start each course is 5 pax. You will be notified one week before the scheduled day(s) of the course if it is:
1. confirmed, and further details on the course
2. cancelled due to failure to meet 5 pax., and the option to reschedule to another date

After purchasing the course through the “CLICK TO PURCHASE COURSE” button below, kindly proceed to book your preferred date and time for the course via this link: or the “BOOK A COURSE DATE” button below.

Do note that refunds are subject to case-by-case basis, and will come with a admin fee of $10 if approved.

Drop us an email at if you have any questions!


Corporate Groups/Events/Birthday Parties

2h session

For corporate groups, we have designed a unique program that encompasses team building elements. Through the challenges, participants will have to work together to compete and complete the tasks. At the same time, participants can get a fun work out together with their colleagues away from the office desks!  

Cancellation T&C for Classes
  1. All classes and climbing slots will be available for booking at the start of the week. 
  2. Climbers will have to pay before their booking is confirmed.
  3. Cancellations are not allowed.
  4. Climbers are, however, allowed to postpone their session. They will have to inform us via email/whatsapp at least 24 hours before the class commences.
  5. In the case of a sick cancellation: Climbers are allowed to postpone their session if they fall sick on the day of the class. They will have to inform us via email/whatsapp at least 8 hours before the class commences.
  6. Postponement of slots can be made within 3 months of the original booking. 
  7. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the fee that was paid, there will be no reimbursement.
  8. All online purchases have to be redeemed within 6 months of purchase, after which they will be forfeited.
    *for multi-pass, this applies to the first redemption; this might not apply to SNCS courses if there are repeated postponements, will be handled on a case-by-case basis
  9. For regular entry, youths under 13 require adult supervision. Accompanying adults need to be at least 21 years of age, and will need to book and make payment for themselves as well.