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A bunch of climbing enthusiasts coming together to enjoy, promote, and share the fun of climbing. 

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TRUBLUE Auto Belay System

Upwall Climbing is an official distributor for TRUBLUE Auto Belay System. Click here for more information about the TRUBLUE technology and products!

Climbing in Phase 2 (heightened alert)

OH NO, WHERE TO CLIMB??? We are climbers as well, and we know your worries, so to make things easier for you all, we have come up with a list of gyms that are still operating during this period of Cov…


Over the past month or so, we have been so excited to see climbers come by Upwall to try out the custom speed route that we set in The Cove, and many penning down their timings to participate in our #…

First Climbing Shoes?

Ready to move from rental shoes to owning your first pair? Here’s our quick listicle on where you can find your perfect first pair in Singapore!