Further Stricter Safe Management Measures For Sport And Physical Exercise & Activity (effective 14th June 2021)

Latest updates of COVID-19 directives from the Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore. 

Implementations of enhanced measures in order to curb the transmission of COVID-19 within the community. We seek your cooperation to follow these guidelines for everyone to enjoy a safe climbing environment.

1. Entry & Gym Capacity into Upwall Climbing:

– Use of TraceTogether App for SafeEntry before entering Upwall Climbing is compulsory. 
– Masks to be kept on at all times even during your climb.
– Sanitise your hands before entering the gym.
– Take your temperature before entering the gym.
– Climb on alternate lanes only.
– Physical distancing of 2 metres between individuals and 3 metres between groups must be maintained.
– All climbers to stick to their chosen 2h climbing time slots. To prevent intermingling of climbers between timeslots, there will be no extension of timeslots.
– Gym Capacity increased to 18 pax per timeslot.
-Classes/programmes for adults above 18 will resume on 14 June 2021 onwards, in groups of maximum 5 pax, including the instructor.
-Classes/programmes for youths 18 years and below will resume on 21 June 2021 onwards, in groups of maximum 5 pax, including the instructor.
– Youths 18 and under can still climb via regular gym entry.
– Youths 12 and under require parental supervision to enter the gym in a ratio of 1 adult to 4 youths.
– Accompanying parents/guardians will have to pay for a gym entry pass, and book for a slot.
Group activities must be confined to no more than 5 individuals; groups of 5 pax are not to intermingle before, during and after the class.
– Customers are to purchase a pass: with existing multi-passes or pre-paid passes on our website, before booking to confirm their reservation.

2. Day Passes, Multi-Pass holders & change in Climbing Time Slots:
– Bookings to be made online to secure a climbing slot.
– Expiry date for all packages purchased on 16th May or earlier (multi-pass and class bundles) to be extended by 2 months.
– Monday Time Slot: 1400-1600, 1630-1830, 1900-2100
– Tuesday – Friday Time Slot: 1000-1200, 1230-1430, 1500-1700, 1730-1930, 2000-2200
– Saturday, Sunday & PH: 0900-1100, 1130-1330, 1400-1600, 1630-1830, 1900-2100
*Head to our social media platforms for the latest updates on timeslots.

3. Classes:
Capacity of existing classes will be return to a maximum of 4 pax per instructor:
– What’s UP? (1h)
– What’s UP? (2h)

The following classes will resume 14 June 2021 onwards, with a max. capacity of 4 pax to 1 instructor:
– SNCS Level 1
– SNCS Level 2
– Psych UP!
– Rock UP!
– Youth Classes
*Youth classes, and all classes/programmes for youths 18 and under will resume on 21 June 2021.

June Holiday Camps
Our holiday camps will begin from 21 June 2021 onwards. Contact us if you’re interested!